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Photo Album #4


Battle Road 2006

Hartwell Tavern, Lincoln Mass, Minuteman National Historic Park.

Photos courtesy of Susan Stewart, 2nd Mass Regt.

Right there in the center starting with the fella on the left with the black breeches: Lt Phil Hills, Pvt. John Barrett, Pvt. Brian Hills.

These images here courtesy of Glenn Harder:


2006 - Battle of Hubbardton. Photos by DonWalker

Preparing for battle


That sure is a long way down......whose going first?

As  a commander one wonders why the patrol does not notice the Redcoat right in front of them....

(In defence of the sergeant leading the patrol, our Illustrious former captain, he claims that they indeed noticed the enemy and tried to capture him, but he got away. I would have just recommended shooting him, but I wasn't there.)


The Enemy attacks!

The Enemy's rangers press froward!

3rd New Hampshire holding fast!

Not giving in!

Pushing the Enemy back!

The Aftermath....soldiers standing around doin nuthin....again!

Yorktown 2006

225th Anniversary of the Seige of Yorktown, VA. Thousands of reenactors. We are somewhere in all these pics.

Photos courtesy of Susan Stewart, 2nd Mass Regt.

Brown coats with red facings, front rank we have: Sgt Don Walker,  Lt Phil Hills, Sgt Sanford Walker.

Brown coats middle of the line.

Sgt Walker hidden in back but tall enough to be seen.

I know we are in this picture because I can see Capt Alex Cain and his Lexington Training Band boys on the far left and we we in his battalion.

Would have been a great picture if it wasn't for the cars in the background.

Just simply a great picture.

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